Indiana Homeschool Laws

Homeschooling in Indiana

How do I start homeschooling?

Kindergarten is not compulsory in Indiana, but once your child is 7 years of age or older, you can begin teaching your child at any time by following these steps to homeschooling in Indiana:

  1. Withdraw your student from his/her school, only if currently enrolled.
  2. Choose whether or not to register your student with the Department of Education, it is not legally mandatory.
  3. In Indiana, homeschool curriculum choice is up to the parents.

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Homeschool Laws

According to Indiana Code 20-33-2-8, “A student is not bound by the requirements of this chapter [Chapter 2 of Education Code] until the student becomes seven (7) years of age, if, upon request of the superintendent of the school corporation, the parent of a student who would otherwise be subject to compulsory school attendance […] certifies to the superintendent that the parent intends to:

  1. enroll the student in a nonaccredited, nonpublic school; or
  2. begin providing the student with instruction equivalent to that given in the public schools

not later than the date on which the student becomes seven (7) years of age.”

A homeschool in Indiana is referred to as a nonpublic non-accredited school (IC 20-33-2-12). “Homebound instruction and virtual schools, based and accredited in Indiana, including virtual charter schools, are not homeschools.”

Homeschool Requirements

Even though Indiana does not highly regulate homeschooling, there are some Indiana homeschool requirements you must satisfy when you homeschool:

  1. Begin homeschooling by age 7. (Kindergarten is not mandatory in Indiana.)
  2. Notify the public school of your intent to homeschool (and file the “Withdraw to Non-Accredited Nonpublic School” form if your child is transferring to homeschool from high school).
  3. Provide 180 days of instruction per year (July 1-June 30) in a manner that is equivalent to that of the public schools. Although specific curriculum is not required, Indiana Standards and Resources are available for your review.
  4. Maintain attendance records (no specific form needed) and evidence of “continuing educational activity.” There are no curriculum or program requirements, or state-mandated or approved textbooks, for your homeschool.

    Be sure to stay current with homeschooling laws and requirements.

Record Keeping

Attendance records are the only files that Indiana homeschoolers are required by law. We recommend keeping a portfolio as well. 

Items that you may want to track for each student in a homeschool portfolio include:

  1. Subjects covered each school year.
  2. Examples of submitted work from each course taken.
  3. Parent-administered or online school report cards or assessments.
  4. Scores from any standardized tests taken.
  5. High school transcript for any student in grades 9-12

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Graduation requirements

As with most states, Indiana does not have specific laws related to graduation, but leaves the fulfillment of educational goals up to individual parents. Paths to homeschool graduation can include:

  1. A diploma issued by the parents upon successful completion of a customized homeschool course load.
  2. A diploma issued by a private/online school upon successful completion of the school’s course requirements
  3. A passing score on an Indiana high school equivalency exam

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IC 20-33-2-12
Indiana Standards and Resources 


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