Finally, a homeschool app that does it all.

Modify™ is the #1 homeschool app for record keeping, tracking attendance, managing student portfolios, and transcripts. Modify™ helps you keep all your records in one place.

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Looking for an app that will help you stay organized?


Customize Learning

Modify™ allows you the freedom to customize your child's education while adhering to your local homeschool laws.



Modify™ allows you and your child flexibility, which gives users the opportunity to an education that caters to different learning styles.



Modify™ offers users the option to share courses, assignments, tests, and more with others in your groups and communities.



Receive access to our homeschool community to share ideas, tips and offer each other support during your homeschool journey.

Generate Transcripts and other Documents.

The Modify™ app allows you to easily track activities, attendance, portfolios, and credits.

Generate official transcripts, attendance records, and portfolio PDF’s with a touch of a button.

No more notebooks or spreadsheets. We have made generating printable PDF records a breeze. 

Modify™ works for all levels K-12

Staying organized is one of the biggest struggles that homeschoolers face. The Modify™ app allows students and parents to keep everything in one place. 
Create and Share Courses

Create courses that allow you to track activity, attendance, grades,  assignments, tests, quizzes, and more. 

Goal Tracking

Students can set goals and track progress, creating a record of achievements. 

Create a Portfolio

Save important documents, experiences, assignments, photos, and more to an in app portfolio. 

Track Progress

Have the freedom to track your child's educational activities and visually watch your student's progress.

Learn more about Modify™

Is Modify™ free?

Modify™ is free to download with a 30 day risk free trial. After your trial ends, if you choose to continue using the app you will be billed $4.99/mo to continue use. 

Why do my students need an email?

The Modify™ app requires emails for both student and parent accounts. This allows the system to link students and parent accounts together. For younger students this is only for creation of the student account all functions can take place in the parent account. Student accounts are created early so that all data stays with your child's student account when and if there when they are ready to start tracking their education more independently. 

How many students can I add to my account?

Your membership includes unlimited student accounts. Student accounts will need to be connected to a parent account in order to be included in the same membership. 

Can my older children use it without me?

Modify™ is great for students of all ages. The app gives flexibility to parents to allow their child to track activities, courses, attendance, assignments and more, independently or with the help of a parent. 

What homeschool methods does Modify™ work best with?

Modify™ is a blank canvas that allows parents and students to take control of their education. Whether you use a structured curriculum, attend group classes or use an unschool approach Modify™ puts you in control. 

Taking a trip to a local museum? Is your child involved in activities such as, football or dance? Modify™ allows you to log the activity under the desired course, and add images, links and media to your child's portfolio and tracks the hours towards credits and course completion. 

Is your student struggling with multiplication facts? Modify™ allows users to set goals and track progress.  Teaching students the importance of setting a goal and being proud of their accomplishments. 

These are just some of the many things that Modify™ offers. 

Can our co-op use Modify™?

The Modify™ app works great for co-ops and groups as well as individual families. 

In order to accurately track a students progress each co-op family would need a membership. 

Teachers can then invite their students to join their courses via a course code. This will give the student access to your co-op course and will allow them to track their activities, assignments, attendance and more. 

Teachers would need to have their own paid parent account in order to connect to other students. 

If you have questions please email us at modify@unschoolinc.com

Does Modify™ meet state requirements?

We have designed Modify™ with state laws in mind and offer features that help ensure you are able to customize your child's education while adhering to state laws. 

Whether your state requires specific records such as attendance hours, testing, portfolios etc... Modify™ helps you track and keep records needed for your specific state requirements. 

*Note: it is the users responsibility to make sure they are following and meeting their local and state homeschool laws. 

Try Modify™ Free! We'll give you a 30 Day Risk Free Trial.

We are so confident you’ll love the Modify™ app, we are giving you a 30 day free trial. If you love it as much as we know you will, continue to use it for only $4.99/mo.

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