Utah Homeschool Laws

Homeschooling in Utah

How do I start homeschooling?

The steps to homeschooling in Utah are quite simple:

Submit a notarized affidavit to your school district either by mail or in person.

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Enjoying learning together! 

Homeschool Laws

According to Utah Code 53G-6-202, “Except as provided in Section 53G-6-204 or 53G-6-702, the parent of a school-age child shall enroll and send the school-age child to a public or regularly established private school.” Utah Code 53G-6-201 establishes that “school-age child” refers to “a minor who is at least six years old but younger than 18 years old and is not emancipated.”

In accordance with Utah Code 53G-6-204, “A local school board shall excuse a school-age child from attendance, if the school-age child’s parent files a signed and notarized affidavit with the school-age child’s school district of residence, as defined in Section 53G-6-302, that the school-age child will attend a home school and the parent assumes sole responsibility for the education of the school-age child, except to the extent the school-age child is dual enrolled in a public school as provided in Section 53G-6-702.”

Note that “while the Utah State Board of Education can provide information regarding state policies, home school jurisdiction falls under the local school district” (Utah State Board of Education). “The curriculum, assessment, selection of home school instruction, and the time and place of instruction are all the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian” (Utah State Board of Education).

Homeschool Requirements

Even though Utah does not highly regulate homeschooling, there are some Utah homeschool requirements you must satisfy when you homeschool:

  • Begin homeschooling by age 6.
  • File the required signed and notarized affidavit to begin home school instruction.
  • Stay current with homeschooling laws and requirements.

Record Keeping

Utah doesn't require that you keep homeschool records or curriculum, however keeping a  homeschool portfolio can have many benefits for you and your student.

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Graduation requirements

Although homeschooled children in Utah are not required to follow the academic standards that public schools adhere to, they can use them as a guide. In addition, families can turn to their local school district for suggestions on things like skills and competencies to help them create a course of study.

Furthermore, homeschoolers in Utah are not eligible to receive a high school diploma from the state. Instead, students can complete the GED in order to receive a Utah high school completion diploma.

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Utah Code 53G-6-202
Utah Code 53G-6-201
Utah Code 53G-6-204



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