Teaching Multiplication

Teaching multiplication can be daunting and challenging, but there are ways that can help ease the learning process. We follow an unschool approach in our home. I have learned over the years that unschooling means so many different things too many parents. For our home, unschooling means that we follow the lead of our kids and then help them to learn around those topics, with the understanding that there are things that the state requires them to learn.

Multiplication has become a huge topic in our house over the last several months. We started with basic principles and then our daughter decided it was time to memorize her multiplication facts and asked if she could have worksheets to help her.

Of course!

So I searched online for multiplication worksheets that would help her to memorize her multiplication facts. There are several places online that offer worksheets for at home or school use. Here is what we found to work.

We purchased these on Amazon and have had great success with them, they come highly recommended. These worksheets are a digital download and can be printed multiples times.

My daughter loves to challenge herself. We print worksheets and then she times herself to see how fast she can complete the sheet, this really helps with memorization.

If you are teaching multiplication, check them out and share your successes and struggles in the comments below.

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