5 Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschooled Teens

Teens today have a great advantage in the way of learning. Everything they have ever wanted to know is at their fingertips. Youtube is a great resource for education. There are several Youtube channels dedicated to high school education and subject matter. We have compiled a list of the best Youtube Channels for Teens.

1. Crash Course
Crash Course is dedicated to teaching, they have videos on topics ranging from history to psychology and everything in between. Tom and Hank Green do a fantastic job of making learning fun and bring in hosts and subject matter that are important. This channel is definitely worth checking out.
2. Steve Spangler’s Sick Science
Steve Spangler better known as the guy behind the Mento’s and Coke experiments, has an amazing science channel on Youtube. His videos are educational, entertaining and informative. This channel is highly recommended.
3. TedEd 
Who doesn’t love TedEd? This channel brings together amazing educators and animators to create educational content that teens can really dig into. From random facts to historical information this is another channel that is worth checking out.
4.  The Art Assignment
The Art Assignment is a great channel for Art History, it is both informational and entertaining. This channel is another must-see on Youtube.
5. VSauce
VSauce is a great channel for a variety of information. It is both educational and entertaining as well. It comes highly recommended and has over 13 million subscribers.

So there you have it 5 of our favorite Youtube Channels that are sure to help your teen gain some insightful information while helping them gain credits for high school. Youtube channels that provide good solid content can be a great way for your teen to receive credit and are a good addition to any curriculum that is being used already.

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